Top 3 Steps to Activate New Feature on Android Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used browser for the Android system and it’s no wonder. Although Google’s internet browser is not perfect, it’s one of the best you can have.

The browser is far from being the lightest and most efficient yet convinces by the integration that has with the information that Google has about you.

The new functionality of Google Chrome for Android is now available and enabling functionality is as simple as following the next few steps I’ll tell you.

Google Chrome for Android is getting more useful than ever

The feature causes the ” Explore ” information to appear on the first page of your browser. That is, when you open the browser instead of just having the Google logo on the search page you will also have news that is more relevant to you.


If you click on “more categories” you will also have possibilities and functionalities that will work through your use. Even though the “most categories” are not ready yet, you will easily have an idea of how everything will work.

While you’re enabling the new feature, remember that it’s still in beta. You should not have bugs, however, it is not yet properly completed for the user.


First write in the address bar “chrome: // flags”. You’ll be directed to an internal part of Google Chrome for Android where you can customize a thousand and one features.

Shortly afterwards write “Explore websites” and you will find below it the functionality deactivates by default. Click on the feature and select “enable”.

Finally, you just have to restart your browser by clicking on the notification that tells you below. When you open a new page of the Android browser you will see that the Explorer page is already active. So, as long as Google updates the functionality you will also be able to see the news.

In conclusion. Although the functionality is not at 100% I have seen it update more and more. We’ll see how much more “quality service” we’re used to by Mountain View.


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