3 free ways to view PSD files on Mac without Photoshop

You may need to open the PSD file, but you don’t have Photoshop on your Mac. Think it’s impossible? And no.

Below we will talk about three free and easy ways to view PSD files on a Mac without Photoshop.

The program ” View 

The easiest way to open a PSD file on a Mac is with the Viewer.

  • If the Viewer program is your standard for viewing images, simply double-click the file and it will open.
  • If the Viewer program is not installed by default, open it from the folder with all programs. Then open your file in it.
  • If the viewer is already open, select File > Open and find your file.



Third Party Program

In the Mac App Store you can find many free and paid programs for viewing PSD-files, but we have chosen the best option for you. Art Master is not the most beautiful program, but it works.

In it, you can simply select your file and it will open. In addition, you can even view additional details about it.


There are also paid programs like Pixelmator and Gimp , perhaps they are already installed. However, the simplest way is still the standard Viewer.


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