Top 3 apps for expectant mothers

Top 3 apps for expectant mothers

While waiting for the child, you experience a variety of emotions: from joy to excitement. And if you plan to become a mother for the first time, then you probably have a million questions.

We have collected for you the best applications that will be able to give answers to all questions, help you monitor the changes in your body and explain what happens to your body.

Listed below are the best apps for expectant mothers.

Criteria and Functions

  • Variety of functions : If the application has many functions, you can do everything in one place, which is very convenient.
  • Understandable tools : If you monitor changes in your body and other symptoms during pregnancy, you and your doctor will be confident in your health and that of your child.
  • Useful Information : Applications with answers to questions, tips and interesting facts are most useful.

What to Expect – Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

What to Expect - Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

What to Expect was originally a book, but later turned into an application for expectant mothers. It has everything from useful information to tracking tools. This is a very useful application. You can see how your child grows, track your symptoms and changes in your body, read the answers to frequently asked questions, etc.

Best features of the Pregnancy & Baby Tracker:

  • Daily tips and articles will help you to be ready for anything.
  • Read about the development of your child every week.
  • Test tools , photo diary, etc.
  • Join groups with common interests, by location, etc.

The What to Expect – Pregnancy & Baby Tracker application is a great source of useful information in which you can monitor your condition.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, website.
  • PriceFree

BabyCenter – Pregnancy Tracker

BabyCenter - Pregnancy Tracker

BabyCenter – Pregnancy Tracker

BabyCenter is another great app with useful information. You can read useful articles and tips, as well as follow how your child grows and the body changes. The application has a convenient countdown to the expected date of birth and many answers to your questions.

Best features of the Pregnancy Tracker:

  • Use the calendar to know in advance about your pending changes.
  • Videos, polls and tips , as well as tons of other useful information.
  • Use tools to track baby bumps, a timer to keep track of contractions, etc.
  • Join groups on interests, locations, styles of motherhood, etc.

BabyCenter – Pregnancy Tracker will be a useful tool that will prepare you for motherhood. It has information that is useful to you from the moment of conception to birth.

  • Support : iPhone, iPad, Android, website.
  • Price : Free

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Open the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app every morning to see how much time is left before the birth, and how big your baby is at the moment. You can also keep a photo diary! In addition, the application has a lot of useful information.

Top features of Ovia Pregnancy Tracker:

  • The calendar will help keep track of your doctor’s appointments, add notes and track dates.
  • In the Health section there is information on the duration of pregnancy.
  • In the Community section you will find useful tips and answers to questions.
  • Track your health, sleep, mood, exercise, etc.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker will definitely help you. In addition, Ovia has applications for those who have already become a parent or are only going to conceive a child.

  • Support : iPhone and Android.
  • Price : Free

When you find out what you are expecting a child, it is very important to take care of yourself, be prepared for everything and track changes in your health and body. We hope that these applications will help you with this.

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