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Top 10 Facebook Messenger Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Facebook’s messaging platform, Messenger is as popular as the former – boasting 1 billion monthly users as of July 2017. The social media giant has implemented a flurry of changes to its Messenger platform in the recent past. The chatting app which was first introduced back in 2011, has now managed to become a fully-fledged, standalone form of communication with an ecosystem of apps offered to the users through it. Let’s take a look at the top ten Facebook Messenger features that you didn’t know existed.


The Top 10 Facebook Messenger Features

  1. Say hi to Zoe

Zoe is in the list of top chatting bots that users can interact with, on the Messenger platform. The chatting bot can be customized as per the user’s preference. Users can allocate different tasks to the chatting bot such as delivering news links to their Messenger conversation and other such similar activities.

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2. Log-in using your number

The best part about Facebook Messenger is that you don’t necessarily need to have a Facebook account in order to make use of the Messenger platform. Users are simply required to enter their phone numbers in order to activate Messenger. This is probably one of the main reasons why Facebook even decided to split the main Facebook app and introduce a new standalone Messenger platform.

3. Protect your chats

In a time and age like this, security of data holds significant importance, especially in the online world. Facebook provides users with the option of encrypting their chats on Messenger, thereby ensuring privacy. One can enable this by ticking the ‘Secret Conversation’ option located in one’s Messenger chat.

4. Send and receive money

Digital money is the norm at the moment and Facebook realizes that. Therefore, the company added the ‘Payments’ option that allows users to transfer money to other Messenger users. Note that users are required to add their bank details to Facebook in order to use this feature successfully.

5. Get a Snapchat-like experience

Facebook seemed to have decided to follow Snapchat’s footsteps as the firm added the ability to record and share 15-second video clips among users. It works very much like Snapchat wherein one needs to hold down the shutter circle while taking a picture. Following which, the recording will begin. Let go of the screen when the recording is done.



6. Personalize your experience

You’re instantly hit by the Blue color as soon as you enter Facebook’s apps including the Messenger. However, you can change the default theme into another color too. Simply select the options menu and select your preferred color. One can even create nicknames for their friends.


7. Create a poll in the group

It can get annoying to a reach a decision especially in group chats. Facebook offers something called ‘Create a Poll,’ which as it suggests allows users to poll their friends. The ‘Create a Poll’ option is available on the bottom of the group chat window.

8. Share live location

Users are provided with the option of sharing their live locations with others in a conversation for sixty minutes. Tap on the ‘Plus’ symbol and select the ‘Location’ option after that. You will face another option called ‘Share Live Location,’ which you need to select in order to share your location with the user.

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9. Check who ignores your messages

Facebook – similar to WhatsApp, offers users with the option of checking if a recipient has read their messages or not. Simply tap on the user’s icon and you will be provided with either ‘Seen’ or ‘Unseen’ pop-up message.

10. Mute the banality

Users can even choose the option of muting group chats. This option is available in the ‘Notifications’ option located on the top side of any chat. Simply put the ‘Message Notifications’ option off, select the period of time till which you want the chat to be muted (15 minutes, 60 minutes, 24 hours) and you’re good to go.

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