Home Application Tired of the fonts on the Samsung Galaxy? Try GxFont

Tired of the fonts on the Samsung Galaxy? Try GxFont

GxFonts - Custom fonts for Samsung Galaxy
GxFonts - Custom fonts for Samsung Galaxy

You’re wondering why you want to download yet another application that will clog your smartphone just to add fonts, which, as you probably know if you have a Samsung Galaxy, you can already do through the Samsung store. The problem is that the South Korean company does not allow you to use your fonts and in its digital shop naturally tends to promote those paid: if all this does not go down, GxFont is probably the application for you.

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Created by the senior member of XDA sathishtony, this free app will give you the following features:

  • Ability to use and manage your own fonts.
  • Google fonts downloadable directly inside.
  • No advertising.
  •  Interface similar to One UI.
  • Any donation will give you access to the PRO mode, which will allow you to create custom fonts.

GxFont certainly works on all Galaxy smartphones of the Note, S, J, C and A series with Android Nougat / Oreo / Pie on board. Finally, here’s a link to the Google Play Store to perform the downloadGXfont Inteface and installation.


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