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Tinder will let you meet people all over the world for free

Thanks to the outbreak of COVID – 19, the Tinder romantic dating app has literally broadened its horizons. Soon, the company will launch Global Mode, which will allow users to show their profile all over the world, regardless of location, also found people all over the globe.

It is important to note that this feature is different from Passport, one of Tinder’s paid options. Passport simply lets you choose a location and choose people in that area. Global Mode or Global Mode, as the name implies, is for people from all over the world to get to know each other.

Passport is normally used by people who are traveling or temporarily staying and want to find one romantic partner. Global Mode is more comprehensive and completely free. For now, the function is being tested to a limited extent but is expected to receive a general release soon.


Pandemia forced Tinder to become more dynamic

At a press conference, Tinder claims that the outbreak of COVID – 19 got people used to the idea of ​​expanding the filters of location. At the beginning of the quarantine, Tinder made the Passport feature free so that people could create friendships while maintaining social distance.

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In addition to the free Passport and Global Mode, Tinder is developing more features for streamline interaction between users. One is video chat, where two people who have correspondence can choose to speak by video instead of just messages.

The idea that Tinder is cultivating is that people don’t they need to be physically together to create connections. Do you agree? Or do you think Tinder is only encouraging social isolation? Tell us in the comments.

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