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TikTok is testing new functions similar to Instagram and Facebook


TikTok is one of the most popular apps of the moment. Currently, new functions are being tested, some already present in social networks like Facebook and Instagram. The roles were discovered by Jane Wong, responsible for various information leaks. First let’s talk about the Discovery function.

The search magnifying glass icon has been replaced by the Discover button

This function replaced the search button in TikTok, which allowed you to manually search the content. While still an aesthetic change, it is likely that the Discovery button will allow you to explore various content around the world, much like Instagram and the Explore tab.

Sharing TikTok videos on WhatsApp will be easier

TikTok already allows you to upload videos over WhatsApp for a long time in the interface. However, you had to open the shortcut and still choose your friends. In the near future, you will be able to directly choose the friends to whom you want to upload the TikTok video.

You’ll be able to sign in to TikTok with Facebook or Google accounts

In order to expand your reach, TikTok will allow you to sign in with your existing accounts. In this case, Facebook or Gmail. So, if you do not have a TikTok account and you are a new user, just use your existing accounts.

Some additional functions

TikTok is still experimenting with switching between accounts, as it already exists on Instagram and Facebook. In addition, TikTok is testing icons to show the number of tastes and views in your videos.


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