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TikTok is banned in India for content that is inappropriate for children

One of the fastest growing apps in the last two years, TikTok (formerly “Musica.ly”) was banned from India, following a court ruling urging Apple and Google – respectively, owners of the iTunes Store and Play Store – to sweep the download application in their stores within the country.

With a base of more than 500 million users, the Chinese TikTok app is a social network for video sharing, featuring dubbing filters and features, and has garnered enormous global success. However, the Chinese government has argued that the app may expose children to inappropriate content, moving action that has culminated in its banning throughout the territory.

The decision has no impact on anyone who already has the app installed on their devices but may impede the growth trend of China’s Bytedance, owner of the application. Neither Google nor Apple has commented on the decision, which Bytedance has already announced it will appeal.

“We have faith in the Indian judicial system and we are optimistic about the outcome that would be well received for the more than 120 million active monthly users in India,” the company said in a statement issued to CNN Business.

TikTok is the latest victim of Chinese government scrutiny, which has already raised suspicions of misinformation and has targeted Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter in the past. In the country, about 500 million people connect to the global computer network and, consequently, download applications from the available digital marketplaces. India is one of the most active markets for application producers.

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