Home NEWS Thousands of Apex Legends players banned by Respawn

Thousands of Apex Legends players banned by Respawn

Thousands of Apex Legends players banned by Respawn

The latest report from Respawn indicates that more than 355,000 players have been banned from Apex Legends PC version. This is all thanks to the recently implemented cheat-fighting service called Easy-Anti-Cheat.

The community manager at Respawn Jay Frechette commented on this recent wave of bans. Despite the huge number of evictions, the war against the cheaters is far from over as they are constantly changing. 

Frechette says it is necessary for the company to continue to adapt and to be super vigilant on the subject. The manager added that cheating is something taken very seriously and that the biggest concern is that Apex Legends is a fair game.

Apex Legends is not a game that facilitates the batotice

Respawn has clarified that it has more plans to fight cheaters in a more effective way. However, the gaming studio has decided not to reveal much more details to catch players cheating by surprise.

However, the studio mentioned some of the methods they will use to combat cheaters, without going into details. Respawn is working with anti-cheat experts inside and outside of Electronic Arts, for example.

Additionally, the company says it will provide more resources for its anti-cheating team. The game will also have a function where players can report cheaters directly inside the game effectively.

All these solutions are being worked in-house very closely, Frechette said. What Respawn wants to avoid are leaks of information that allow cheaters to turn around the protections they have implemented.

In other matters, the company mentioned a patch for PC with the intention of solving some stability problems in the platform. These problems can also be reported by players in real time.

Maintenance is always a headache in this type of Battle Royale games. As such, Respawn is constantly making efforts to keep servers fast and in full operation so as not to affect players.


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