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This will be the incredible new Apple processors after the M1

The future of Apple processors seems to be one of the main objectives of the company. Now it has been anticipated that those of Cupertino are already working on the next generations of the M1 processor and could surpass the Intel chips.

Procesador M1
Apple is working to improve the M1 processor.

Apple Processors

Apple’s M1 chip has been implemented in a new series of Mac mini, MacBook Air and a new MacBook Pro computer. Holding the management and manufacturing of Its own processors have made new computers cheaper.

The new M1 processor from Apple Silicon has offered users an increase in speed and performance in the machines, while for Apple has meant independence from manufacturers and development .

With the good reception that the new Macs with M1 processor have had and the reasons why it is faster than Intel. Users and some experts have convinced themselves that this is one of the new paths for Apple to follow.

Apple Mac M1
Macs with the Apple Silicon M1 processor have had a cost reduction.

The future of Apple chips

Bloomberg has released a report in which it mentions that according to internal sources within Apple, the company is already working on what will be the new processors, coinciding with the recent news that the M1X chip for the iMac and MacBook Pro of 16 ″.

Upon the news that Apple is testing some processors that can compete and even exceed directly to Intel’s, shares rose 1.3%, while Intel’s fell 2.9%.

Apple Silicon M1
The processed or Apple’s M1 is the first step into the future of engineering that surpasses current performance cores.

According to the report, the new processors are already being tested and would have up to 16 power cores and four efficiency cores, while these designs are fully tested, computers with processors would be launched cores with high performance.

Also, the most demanding computers of the lines that Apple has would have a planned renewal for 2021 or 2021 with processors up to 32 high-performance cores.

Currently this class of computers in the Apple store that have the Intel system have a maximum of eight cores. The iMac Pro corresponding to the high-end, is available with up to 18 cores, while than the Mac Pro, which is the most expensive computer, even has a system of 28 .

It has also been mentioned that the possibilities of these processors would increase the current graphics modules , achieving that applications with a performance requirement dedicated to processes such as editing or other professional work can be more efficient, fast and incredible with the power that the new Mac models would work with.

What would mean this advance by Apple

The solidity that would represent that Apple manufactures its own processors with verifiable high performance, would place the company in front of a new gap of new computers capable of offering a distinction in the PC market , entering the professional segments more demanding.

This would have a direct impact on the market, since Intel being one of the great leaders in the manufacture and export of processors would have a collapse of shares and sales. In addition to the fact that Apple would clearly become one of the most notable competitors in the entire branch of technological engineering .

Despite the fact that the sources have given up In securing dates or leaning towards their beliefs established by the company’s plans, they have offered information that reveals much of what Apple plans to monopolize in these projects.

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