Home NEWS This Video gives us the best glimpse at the Apple iPhone 11

This Video gives us the best glimpse at the Apple iPhone 11

This Video gives us the best glimpse at the Apple iPhone 11

Apple will unveil the iPhone 11 (XI) in September this year, however, the first rumours and leaks of information are already starting to emerge.

Although it is too early to be sure of anything, the well-known leaker @Onleaks said that this smartphone would have the design of the photos you see in this article.

So with that in mind, designer  Waqar Khan decided to create a video where we can see the alleged iPhone 11 for the first time.

Is the camera going to be that big?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. And that chamber? Leaker said that this is one of the designs being studied by the brand and the truth is that its history is almost always right.

The camera we see in the video is large, disproportionate and unappealing. Huawei still managed to fit the camera of its smartphone into the back of the Mate 20 Pro, but this concept of the iPhone 11 leaves me questioning the line that Apple can follow.

A reduced notch is almost guaranteed

Hopefully, the new Apple iPhone 11 will significantly reduce its notch. We are not talking about that “gout” we started seeing on Android smartphones. Instead, we will have a reduction of more than 30% in the size of the monocle we both hate.


Still, it is to be expected that features like Face ID have no change. For this, it is likely that the front column may have minor changes.

Apple iPhone 11 concept

USB-C is a possibility but not a certainty

According to analyst information, the iPhone 11 should offer a USB-C input for charging instead of its lightning. For many years Apple has been ahead with the lightning, however, it’s time to give the arm twist and admit that the iPhone would earn more with an entry identical to the Apple iPad Pro 2018.

But do not get your hands on fire for these images.

In short, regardless of what you see and hear so far, don’t get your hands on fire for nothing. Rumours and information leaks from iPhones begin to arrive around May. The same is expected this year.



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