This may be the look of the new 16-inch Macbook Pro

In this release, the Cupertino company can increase the screen size in the larger model to 16 inches.

Although Apple did not say a single word on the subject, a concept maker shared what he thought was the design of the next Macbook Pro. This image was created based on the information circulated yesterday. A design comparison was also made with the current 15-inch model.

The idea belongs to Ben Geskin, known for performing this kind of concepts. If you remember well, depending on what Apple decides, the size can vary between 16 and 16.5 inches. Of course, when we wrote on this subject the idea was unanimous. To keep size Apple will have to reduce the margins.

The design of this MacBook Pro concept is a dream come true.

In the comparison below, we can see that the 16-inch Macbook Pro (left) has smaller margins on all three sides. In addition, the “Macbook Pro” usually written below has disappeared. Now, this does not mean that Apple will remove it, but neither was it predicted that the lighted apple would disappear in such an ungrateful way by 2016.

The design of this MacBook Pro concept is a dream come true


The truth is that the reason for such disappearance was due to the need to make the laptop thinner. Also, given that we may have evenly reduced margins, this may be the time Apple brings Face ID to their computers. After the Ipad Pro, Mac users would certainly welcome this feature.

In short, my wish is that Apple look at this concept. If the next Macbook Pro had this design, maybe you would not see me replacing my 2015 model. At this point we can speculate, but a concept is a concept and Apple has a habit of being conservative.


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