This fake Alexa app is gaining in popularity on App Store

The Apple App Store is the app store available to all iOS users. It is therefore one of the most popular and used stores in the world. But pay attention to all Apple users who have recently embraced Alexa.

Christmas was two days away and the number of new Alexa users was huge. Incidentally, there are reports that Amazon’s servers blocked momentarily in Europe on December 25. This was probably due to the high number of new Alexa devices that were tried to connect at the same time.

That being said, there have been many who searched for the Alexa configuration app on the Apple App Store. But if you are one of these users you should be aware of the application you downloaded or want to download.

Alexa’s fake setup application is in the Apple App Store

This is because there is an application called “Setup for Amazon Alexa” in the Apple App Store, which is anything but the official app. The mentioned application comes from One World Software and is gaining more and more popularity in this store.

Currently, “Setup for Amazon Alexa” is the 75th application in the ranking of free apps and the 6th in the top of the Apple App Store utilities. According to the 9to5 Mac, this application is asking users for the network IP number and the serial number of the device.

Alexa's fake setup application is in the Apple App Store


So far we do not know the fate of the information collected by this application. This way, users are asked extra caution when downloading the setup application for their new Alexa equipment.

So far, neither Apple nor Amazon have commented on what happened. The Cupertino company’s application store excels in the accreditation of the applications available there. Still, this event proves that sometimes, in the best cloth falls the stain.


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