Home NEWS This could be Samsung’s first foldable smartphone

This could be Samsung’s first foldable smartphone

This could be Samsung's first foldable smartphone
Samsung's first foldable smartphone

Samsung is preparing a foldable smartphone. If you follow the technology branch you know that it is more than obvious that this product will arrive soon.

The truth is that it is no longer the first time it is said that “this is what the Samsung smartphone comes with,” but given Huawei’s investment in the industry, it is believed that the South Korean company does not want to lose the race .

It is said that the Samsung’s foldable smartphone will be called Galaxy F (Flexible) and will be the top of the company so far.

It is believed that the terminal could be revealed at the next CES in January, however, given the scarce information leaks so far, I would bet more on the Mobile World Congress in February in conjunction with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

If the Samsung folding smartphone is so will leave many users tempted

The staff of  Phone Designer and   have created images that are based on all the patents, information leaks and rumors of the folding smartphone and created what they believe will be the device.

Samsung folding smartphone 1


Take into account that these images are not official. Here we have quality images made with great talent and based on what the rumors have been saying.

We see a device that has the possibility of folding “in shell”. The central part reminds us of the new Microsoft computers, however, it is believed that technology will be slightly different. This is because we will have an AMOLED panel built into this hinge.

I am seriously looking forward to seeing the Samsung foldable smartphone on the market. I do not think it’s going to be an outfit for my pocket (or wallet) but it will be good to see the mobile technology taking a step forward. Let’s just hope it’s a step in the right direction.


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