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This app finds animals lost through facial recognition


A Chinese startup called Megvii is developing a trained application to recognize dogs through the impressions of their noses. This new program acts in the same way as fingerprints in humans.

Megvii says that with this application it is possible to register your dog by simply scanning your nose through the camera of your smartphone. Just like when we register our fingerprint, the Megvii app asks you to take photographs from various angles to your dog’s nose.


Megvii’s Numbers

  • Accuracy percentage of 95 percent;
  • Tested on 15 thousand pets.

The startup told Abacus News that its application has a 95% accuracy rate which, if true, is already quite reliable. The company has already managed to bring together 15,000 pets with their owners.

How will it be used?

Megvii says its application will be used in China for much more than “finding stray dogs.” Given that there is a relationship with the government, the app can be used to find pet owners irresponsible. The main objectives are to punish those who leave their dogs, and who allows them to pass unrestrictedly in public places.

The concept of facial recognition in pets is not exactly new. In the United States, for example, the Finding Rover app already uses facial recognition to find lost dogs and cats.


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