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This alleged prototype of Xiaomi Mi 9 has a rear fingerprint reader

Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi Mi 9, the next smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer’s flagship, may have been photographed again live, but this time it would be a prototype with a particularity: the fingerprint reader on the back.

Last year Mi 8 was presented at the end of May, but with Mi 9 Xiaomi could have decided to play in advance: the increase in the number of rumors in recent days would in fact think of a debut now imminent. A few days ago a photo of the back of the alleged Xiaomi Mi 9 was leaked showing the rear cameras, just yesterday a new render was circulated with a small notch.



In the first mentioned live photo you did not see any rear fingerprint reader, confirming the hypothesis of the integration of the relevant sensor under the display of Xiaomi Mi 9. The new alleged photo, the one you see above, would definitely change the cards on the table . The supposed prototype of Mi 9, in fact, is enclosed in a particular house that hides the design, net of some details that remain visible.

The first detail of fundamental importance for the identification of the device photographed is the triple rear camera, which preserves exactly the same arrangement of the previous image. The second visible detail is the element of greatest difference compared to what has transpired so far about Xiaomi Mi 9, the rear fingerprint reader indeed.

This new information could be a further indication of the existence of two versions of the new flagship of Xiaomi, on the other hand we have already seen that Mi 9, like Mi 8, will support the standard version a more special Explorer Edition. On balance, the sensor for the recognition of fingerprints could remain on the back of the regular version of the device and instead be moved below the display in the Explorer Edition (and perhaps in that Pro for international markets).

The image also shows two small and mysterious holes in the upper part, which led the source to formulate a different hypothesis (less likely): the one photographed may not be Xiaomi Mi 9, but Essential Phone PH-2 and those holes would be connectors for the Essential 360 ° VR camera or the Essential Audio Adapter HD.

Xiaomi is planning an event on February 19 and will participate in the MWC 2019 in Barcelona, so we could shortly discover the whole truth about the new and chatty Xiaomi Mi 9.


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