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These will be the first Huawei devices to feel the taste of Android Pie

These will be the first Huawei devices to feel the taste of Android Pie

Huawei is one of the companies that also feel strong pressure to upgrade its smartphones to Android PieThe Chinese company may even do a lot of things, including smartphones, however, it is far from the best when it comes to smartphone upgrades.

There are smartphones that still will not feel the taste of Oreo and we are talking about Android Pie. The new Google operating system officially arrived for Pixel on Monday and many brands have already spoken about the update.

Nokia is currently working on Android Pie 9.0 update for its device. Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 8, 6, 5 and 3 are already receiving the new update officially.

All Huawei gamers will have priority in upgrading to Android Pie

This is because Nokia slightly changes its interface against what Google offers. Even last year’s terminals not being Android One, the system is basically the same and implementation is much simpler.

The same can not be said of Huawei’s system. EMUI is one of the heaviest User Interfaces on the market and with the most changes. These changes are a problem when it comes time to update your terminals. This is because the terminal will have to work perfectly with all the customizations that EMUI offers.


However, Huawei is determined to bring Android Pie to its devices as quickly as possible. According to the information, the Chinese company will soon open the doors to users who want to be Beta and help in developing the update by reporting bugs and system crashes.

The first smartphones to have the Beta option are the P20 Pro, P20, Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10. It is believed that terminals like Honor 10 and Honor Note 10 will also have priority over other smartphones.

All of them are top of the range, so we can deduce that the Mate 20 will also be on the list. Truth be told, the Mate 10 and Pro 10 last year came with Android Oreo already installed. The same can happen with Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 and Android Pie.

If you have one of these outlines your smile. If you have not … Let’s wait and see. Hopefully the Huawei better this problem.


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