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The X-Files: Deep State” is now available for your Android and iOS Users

The X-Files Deep State

The new game “The X-Files: Deep State” is now available for your Android or iOS for free in Google Play Store  (here) or App Store (here). If you’re a fan of mystery and investigative games, I’m pretty sure you’ll like the “The X-Files” game.

The Android game brings the magic of the “Secret Files” series to your smartphone. The series that became known in the 90’s came back to surprise with the same main actors.

Although I enjoyed a bit more of the old version, I have to admit that this new version of “The X-Files” is captivating enough to leave me stuck for 3 to 4 episodes in a row.

The X-Files: Deep State – After iOS the game reaches the Google Play Store Android

It was talked about last year that  FoxNext Games could be preparing a game for mobile and today we have confirmation of that. The game was released for free for Android and iOS, however, take into account that you have the possibility to make purchases within the game itself.

The add-ons can reach 300 € so try not to get too addicted to the game. Look carefully at the pictures because as they say in the series ” The Truth is out there “.

The game also has a storyline to which you will be forced to make decisions. Something like the game of The Walking Dead. These your choices will dictate the future of the game and future options to unravel the cases.

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If you are one of those that no game gives you a serious challenge, be happy to know that more challenges will be added every month in order to continue your discovery by the unknown.



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