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[BAD NEWS] The Two biggest Google partners are both working toward ditching Android

Two google partners are both working toward ditching Android

Today, Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS platform
dominate the mobile landscape. It’s difficult to imagine that ever
changing considering how far behind other platforms are at this point,
but people said the same thing more than a decade ago when operating
systems like Symbian and Windows Mobile ruled the world. Things change
and what goes up must come down. What’s interesting, however, is that
major Android vendors are already starting to prepare for life after
Android despite the platform’s strong position at the moment.

According to market research firm Gartner, Android’s worldwide smartphone market share
was 84.1% in the first quarter of 2016. The next closest platform was
iOS at just 14.8%, which was down from 17.9% in the same quarter a year
earlier. No other mobile platform had a market share that even reached
the single digits of a percent — Microsoft’s Windows Mobile/Phone was
closest at a pathetic 0.7%

In other words, it’s Android’s world and we just live in it.
Despite Android’s firm grasp on the smartphone and wider mobile
markets, the platforms biggest partners are also working toward someday
abandoning the platform. Samsung, the world’s biggest Android vendor by a
massive margin, has developed its own open source Tizen operating
system and it sells phone models that run Tizen in a few regions. Now, a
new report reveals that Huawei is following suit.

Huawei was the third-largest smartphone vendor in the world in the
first quarter of the year, with estimated handset shipments that totaled
28.7 million units. According to The Information,
Huawei has a team of engineers that is currently beginning to build a
new mobile operating system. Details are scarce for the time being but
the report says that this small team is based in Scandinavia and it
includes some former Nokia engineers. Hopefully it’s not the same team
that built MeeGo.
This is absolutely something that Google needs to keep an eye on. The
company’s two biggest Android partners are now both taking steps to
dial back their reliance on Google’s mobile platform, and perhaps
someday abandon it entirely.

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