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The Top 10 Backup Apps For Android

The more smartphones and mobile
devices get to know us and collect about us, the more important the
ability to keep hold of our data is becoming. While a lot of devices are
now coming with options to secure or backup our data, it is always
worth keeping additional copies too. You never know when you might need
them. There is a large variety of apps available which are designed for
this purpose and while everyone has a favorite, if you are new to
backing up your data, then here are ten backup apps for Android that you
might like to check out.

1. App Backup & Restore

App Backup & Restore apk  

Starting today’s list off is App Backup And restore. If you are
looking for an easy way to backup your apps and be able to reinstall
them again, then this will do the job. The interface and general usage
works similar to Titanium Backup and allows you to backup select apps to
the SD card. However, it is worth noting, this only creates and backs
up the APK files. It does not backup any of your app data.


2. Super Backup : SMS & Contacts

Super Backup SMS & Contacts

Super Backup is another useful backup tool for those looking for a
quick and easy solution. This one allows you to choose between backing
up your apps as APKs, your contacts and your SMS messages. You can then
select to back them up to your internal storage, external storage
(microSD card) or even Google Drive.


3. Easy Backup And Restore

Easy Backup & Restore

Easy Backup works much the same way as Super Backup and again is
designed to be a quick solution to backing up. As such, you can backup
all aspects of your data including apps, SMS, contacts, bookmarks, call
logs on and so on. And once again, these backups can be stored on your
SD card, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and more.


4. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

If you are rooted, then Titanium Backup will need no introductions.
This is one of the best backup tools available, although you do need
root to take advantage of its best features. With Titanium Backup, you
can easily backup all of your apps and all of their data. Very effective
and popular backup tool for rooted devices.


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5. My Backup

My Backup

My Backup is another very popular option and unlike Titanium Backup,
this one does not rely on root to make use of the majority of its
features. In fact, this one offers one of the most extensive lists of
aspects that it can backup and will literally backup your entire device.
If you are rooted, then this one will also allow you to backup the app
data too. Great all round solution.


6. Helium – App Sync and Backup

Helium - App Sync and Backup

Compared to some of the other apps on this list, Helium is a much
newer app, however, this one does come from popular developer, Koush.
This one allows for backing up of all your apps and content and works on
both rooted and unrooted devices. One of the extra benefits of Helium
is that it allows you to backup (and restore) directly from your PC.


7. G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup is a backup tool which places a greater focus on cloud
storage and even comes with an auto backup tool so that you can ensure
the latest of your information and content is always backed up and ready
to be restored when needed. Simply but powerful option.


8. CM Backup -Restore,Cloud,Photo

CM Backup -Restore,Cloud,Photo

Like G Cloud, CM Backup is another tool which places its emphasis on
cloud backups. This one is brought to you by the folks over at Cheetah
Mobile and chances are, you are already familiar with some of their
other apps. This is another easy to use and powerful cloud backup


9. Google Photos

Google Photos

Of course, if you are just looking to backup your photos and videos,
then there are few apps better than Google Photos. The latest app from
Google brings with it a powerful way to auto backup all of your images
and videos. This automatically syncs with all of your Google devices and
ensures that all of your images and videos are always accessible and


10. Google Drive

Google Drive

Then there is also Google Drive. Although, this might not sound like a
great backup tool, it really is. Especially if paired with the use of
your on-board file manager. In fact, many of the apps you will find will
actually link to Google Drive as one of your backup storage points. As
such, backing up your data, images (and even your APKs manually) to
Drive is one of the best options available.


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