Home NEWS The smartphone that sells 500,000 units a day should be in Europe

The smartphone that sells 500,000 units a day should be in Europe

The smartphone that sells 500,000 units a day should be in Europe

It was 500,000 units a day. Vivo’s new smartphone deserves to be referred to over and over again because it was among the few who dared to try to innovate.

In fact, Vivo and OPPO are among the few brands that are seriously trying to innovate in the mobile market in recent times. I remember that both companies belong to BBK Electronics, which also dominates OnePlus.

Vivo NEX, with its Pop-up camera, deserved world attention for its irreverence. The terminal arrived with a screen almost borderless and a new way of giving us a front camera.

At this point either we have edges at the ends, or we have a notch at the top. The design of smartphones in 2018 is far from the best.

Vivo NEX is a dream smartphone. Only need to reach Europe

Vivo NEX has dared to be different. The terminal gives us a lower margin, to enter the connectors of the screen, but the top is surprising.


Like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, this smartphone case has no top margin. However, instead of installing the camera at the bottom Vivo decided to make a Pop-up camera. The camera is active as soon as you click the selfie button.


The camera jumps with a futuristic noise and gives us the splendor of mobile technology at this time. How is a smartphone like this not in Europe?

Vivo is one of the most important companies in Asia, is a company that sponsors the World Cup and major events. How come you are not officially in Europe?

It’s a matter of time friends. OPPO has officially entered Spain and France. As I mentioned, OPPO is part of the same company as Vivo. OnePlus is also strong in Europe. So it’s a matter of time. Let’s just hope it’s a short time. I’m seriously curious to have a Vivo NEX. The smartphone fascinates me.


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