The second preview of Sileo for Electra jailbreak has been released

Today came the second preview of the new tweak manager Sileo. Since the release of the first preview, less than a week has passed.

The second preview of Sileo is available in the standard Electra jailbreak repository, like the first.

The posting update says the following changes:

  • There was a preview of the tabs with news, which will display news related to Sileo.
  • Downloading files has become 2 times faster.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect input repositories.
  • Fixed problem displaying payment methods on the iPad.
  • Work has begun on localization and translation.
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed and improvements have been added.

The second preview of Sileo will reset your saved repositories during installation. In this regard, we recommend that you remember your repositories before installing the new version, then add them again.

Dynastic Repo is the only third-party repository that supports the purchase of paid tweaks in Sileo. Soon there will be support for the Chariz repository, but nothing is known about Packix yet.

Now the Sileo tweaks manager is in beta testing, so there are still some features missing, but there are some bugs. Manager code is not yet available, but it will be released later.

Saurik has released an update Cydia Substrate bug fixes

Some experienced users have already been able to launch the Sileo preview with the unc0ver jailbreak, but we do not recommend doing it informally. So far, only Electra jailbreak support is officially available and it is not known whether this will change in the future.

Users with jailbreak unc0ver must continue to use the Cydia application, optimized for iOS 11 and officially approved by the developer.


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