The Nokia 9 concept that makes us dream! (video)

The Nokia 9 is one of the next Android to hit the market. According to the previous images, it is believed that the European company did reveal a device without a notch on the screen. It’s good to see that some phone manufacturers still have some identity.

Previously, it was also said that the next device could have 5 rear cameras. Although I do not believe that the image of the supposed device is real, the new video gives me hope that the European company will surprise us with Nokia 9.

The author of the video is the well-known Concept Creator, which has already delighted us with dozens of videos. The videos are usually inspired by rumours and information leaks and this is no different.

Nokia 9 should arrive, as it has happened, with Android Pie

We can see a device with five rear cameras of the Zeiss, reduced margins and lateral almost nonexistent. Above all, we have a video that shows us a device just like itself. A device that does not seem to draw inspiration from any other device. As a result, we have an elegant concept, capable of surprising and a dream that many want to be a reality.

The Nokia 9 will face fierce competition. Huawei is strong, Apple has just announced its new iPhones and the future OnePlus 6T promises to be a burst of technology in the Android market.

Anyway, I do not know how much Nokia will revolutionise Android smartphones or the mobile world, but I hope to see a company without fear of risking. This Nokia 9 with 5 cameras will be a beautiful dream come true.



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