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The New Dual-SIM iPhones will work in these 10 countries

The new Apple iPhones finally have the possibility to introduce Dual-SIM. However, not everything is as simple as it seems. While on the device with Dual-SIM the only thing you need to do is enter two SIM cards, in these new iPhones the story is another.

The iPhones XS and XR will come out with just one entry for a SIM card. That is, the other entry is an e-SIM, ie a virtual SIM card provided by the mobile operator.

Apple iPhone XS and XR bring dual-SIM

That is, whereas in China the terminals will bring two SIM card slots, as we are accustomed to, the new iPhones XS and XR with e-SIM will only work in 10 countries.

Compatible countries and operators

  • Austria


  • Canada


  • Croatia

Hrvatski Telekom

  • Czech Republic


  • Germany


  • Hungary

Magyar Telekom

  • India

Reliance Jio

  • Spain

Vodafone Spain

  • United Kingdom


  • USA

AT & T 

Although there is no information on whether any African country will join the e-SIM, I believe it is a matter of time. I also believe that the carrier that does it first will have a serious advantage over the competition. In this way, it is also expected that all other manufacturers will begin to opt for such functionalities.

In short, in the future all smartphones will be e-SIM, SIM cards already have a substitute to the height and I no longer see reasons to continue with the plastic card. However, until then, we will have this transition phase that is not pleasant for anyone.

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