Home NEWS The iPhone Xs selfies are being heavily criticized!

The iPhone Xs selfies are being heavily criticized!

The iPhone Xs selfies are being heavily criticized!

iPhone Xs Selfies – The new line of iPhone Xs smartphones is being criticized because of the extreme skin softening on the front camera. Functionality that unfortunately cannot be disabled.

This problem has been dubbed ‘ BeautyGate ‘ … Beginning the discussion that Apple is helping to perpetuate the unrealistic beauty standards that the media so much enjoy.

Although the camera of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max claims to be identical to that of the iPhone X. Users have noticed a strange increase in the clarity of the photo, while eliminating shadows and softening the skin.

In short, something very similar to the ‘ Beauty Mode ‘ that we can find in some Android phones, namely Chinese manufacturers.

However, on these phones with Google’s Android OS, we can turn off, or choose different levels of ‘Beauty’ … On the iPhone not!

The popular YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger explored this controversy on his ‘Unbox Therapy’ channel! Trying to understand if it is something specific to the Hardware or if it is due to the Apple Software.

The only new feature that Apple spoke openly about the lenses of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max was the Smart HDR . However, when you turn off functionality, the smoothing effect only slightly less intense … With YouTuber to mention that it continues to look like a makeup doll.

This may well mean that the problem is the processor of the Hardware rather than the Software in question!

That said, Lewis discovered that by detecting a human face, the light changes immediately to warmer tones, and as soon as the face leaves the frame, the light returns to the normal colder colors.

Which leads YouTuber to conclude that it could be a mix of the two, Hardware and Software! And that things can be solved with a simple software update.

The discussion escalated immensely on social networks, particularly on Reddit, with Redditors calling it all ‘BeautyGate’! In addition, the SmartHDR is enabled by default, with no sign of being switched on unless you go to the settings and look in the menus.

However, this was not the first time that Apple took the choice of the hands of its users … Already last year, the company was caught to diminish the performance of some iPhones, without any type of warning for its users. The reason even had some logic, since it was to preserve the batteries, not allowing the mobile phones to go down.

But the brand might well have been more open with its fans, instead of saying “maybe it’s time to switch iPhone!”.

Apple has not yet spoken publicly about ‘BeautyGate’, so it’s still hard to say whether it will be corrected in the near future!

If it is a software problem, it may be corrected in a future firmware update. Or that at least a menu is implemented where the functionality can be turned on / off.

On the contrary, it is something derived from the hardware … It is possible that iPhone owners Xs and Xs Max are stuck to a false beauty in their selfish.


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