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The first smartphone with 12GB of RAM is coming


Although i donot believe that there is a need to have an Android smartphone with more than 8GB of RAM, manufacturers continue to bet on this segment.

However, it should be noted that RAM is important to the Android system. While iOS is able to better manage open applications against the hardware it offers, the Android system is designed for dozens of manufacturers. That is, the system is the same for everyone.

That is why we sometimes say that the Huawei EMUI is too heavy, or that MIUI does a good management of autonomy. Although they are all Android, the way manufacturers adapt the hardware to their needs is important.

Lenovo Z5s Ferrari could be the first Android smartphone with 12GB of RAM

So in recent times we have seen smartphones arriving with more and more RAM. A good way for manufacturers to not have to worry so much about such management. Having more RAM does not mean that the terminal is more powerful, it simply gives more “channels” for the information to pass through. Consequently, having many applications open will not affect the performance of the device.

Lenovo Z5s Ferrari

Lenovo is preparing to bring a smartphone with the name “LENOVO Z5S FERRARI SuperFast”. Smartphone that will bring an impressive 12GB of RAM.

Soon after OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus 6T McLaren, it looks like automakers are also willing to compete off the road. This smartphone should be a partnership between Lenovo and Ferrari.

That is, we should have an Android smartphone with a back identical to the P20 Pro and a front with a small hole in the screen for the front camera. Since we are talking about Ferrari, it is hoped that it will bring the so-called “Ferrari red” as the main tonality. You can also see the presence of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

There are still no dates on the Android smartphone with 12GB of RAM, however, it is believed that CES in January is the ideal place for both companies to show their potential.


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