Home GAMES The first DLC for Spider Man is approaching

The first DLC for Spider Man is approaching

The first DLC for Spider Man is approaching

This year will be marked by the launch of great games, for almost all tastes.

MARVEL’s Spider Man is one of them and is about to receive news.

MARVEL’s Spider Man is one of the games of the year and I venture to say that with others (some have not even been released), will be a candidate for GOTY (‘Game of the Year’ Game of the Year ‘).

However, do not think that the work is finished. None of this and new content for the game are on the way. And the first is already on the 23rd of this month.

The first DLC is titled Spider-Man: The Heist and takes Spider-Man to an investigation of a robbery in an art museum that makes his way (and Mary Jane’s) cross with that of an old acquaintance of Peter Parker: Felicia Hardy, better known as ‘Black Cat’.

In this DLC, in addition to new missions and challenges, players will discover a new faction of enemies, new trophies and three additional facts to unlock. The first of them, Resilient Suit, was created by the famous Marvel illustrator, Gabriele Dell’Otto. Comics fans will immediately recognize the other two, who are Spider-Man from Scarlet Spider II and the Spider-UK suit.


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