The Crew 2 update debuts first season


New update model is now available

Update de The Crew 2 estreia primeira temporada

The latest update for The Crew 2 debuted the season model in the Ubisoft racing game. The free patch introduced Season 1, where it puts players in a new cinematic universe called “Motorflix”.

Ubisoft has previously explained how the new format will work. Each season of The Crew 2 will run for four months and will feature two episodes. In the first episode of this season, called The Chase, players will be placed in control of an intercepting unit hunting for an outlaw group that stole a lot of money.

The Crew 2 also introduced Motorpass, a kind of Battle Pass for the game. Instead of players getting hero skins or weapon parts, the Ubisoft title pass gives rewards for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles as more levels are achieved.

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More news added by The Crew 2 update

Ubisoft announced that the episode The Chase will end on 19 January and then announce the next chapter of the first season of The Crew 2. In addition to the news previously mentioned, the game will feature PvE events, new vehicles and items exclusive to the season.

The Crew 2 is available for Ps4, Xbox One and PRAÇA.

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