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The concept of dark mode on the iPhone X

The concept of dark mode on the iPhone X

Apple for years has adhered to the bright theme of iOS, which was quite logical, while the company used LCD-displays, rather than OLED-panels.

OLED-displays are more suitable for dark themes and applications since energy is not wasted on the dark parts of the screen. Previously, Apple completely ignored the OLED panels, so there was no need for a dark mode. But, judging by Apple Watch with OLED-display, the company does not mind using dark themes, when they make sense.

Now the company has released an iPhone X with an OLED display. Perhaps in the future, Apple will slightly change iOS and introduce a dark mode into the interface and standard applications. Thanks to Maximos Angelakis, we can see the concept of dark mode on the iPhone X. And it’s not just a few applications, it’s the whole system together with standard applications.

iPhone X dark theme


The creator of the concept says that as a basis, he took the dark interface of Apple Watch with OLED-display. Now we can see what the noticing centre with dark mode would look like, as well as the Control point, Settings and the application switch.

iPhone X dark theme music


Among the images, there is also the Mail application, Safari browser, App Store, Messages and Contacts. And also there is a concept of the dark mode in the Apple Music application, which users dream about for a long time. All the images you can find here.



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