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The best virtual reality glasses to buy in 2020

Virtual reality glasses are the latest technology in gaming and multimedia consumption, but there are several factors to take into account before purchasing. Then we show the best VR headsets for different types of use.

We show the characteristics of the best virtual reality glasses, as well as the requirements of the PC, VR game stores, as well like compatibility and other aspects to take into account to ensure a good purchase.

Virtual reality glasses for mobile

Google Cardboard Kit – the cheapest

The Google Cardboard Kit is fun to assemble and very cheap.

Update rate : depends on the smartphone

Field of vision: 90 º

Price: from 9, 99 € on Amazon ES

The Google Cardboard Kit is an interactive toy that allows you to experience virtual reality in a simple way when using the phone screen. It is a mere card viewer, with two plastic lenses that the user will have to assemble.

Using a basic system of velcro, magnet and NFC, Google created a product accessible to all and that does not require additional hardware, except the smartphone. It is a gateway to the world of virtual reality.

Google has applications dedicated to Cardboard, available on the Play Store. In addition, whoever wants to start programming, Google makes the necessary SDKs available. In summary, it is a simple toy, but with great play potential.

BNEXT VR Headset – best price / quality ratio

BNEXT VR glasses are easy to set up and use.

Update rate : depends on the smartphone

Field of vision: depends on the smartphone

Price : from 39 € on Amazon ES

BNEXT's virtual reality glasses for mobile phones cost a fraction of the top models. In addition, they are easy to set up and assemble, being relatively comfortable to use and providing a somewhat immersive experience.

Unfortunately, the interaction with this VR headset is virtually nil. It has no buttons, or physical controls, based entirely on the movement sensors of the mobile phone, being entirely dependent on it, but they have a good price / quality ratio.

The highlight goes to the “seal” light, ease of use and good image quality when using smartphones up to 6.3 inches and the lightness of the VR headset. It is recommended to anyone looking for something durable, cheap and good to use with the mobile phone.

HAMSWAN – best VR glasses for mobile

Hamswan's mobile virtual reality glasses have headsets.

Rate update : depends on the smartphone

Field of vision: about 110

Price: from 25 € on Amazon ES

A HAMSWAN has the best virtual reality glasses for mobile phones, already with integrated headsets. For the segment, you do not need to spend more money on VR headsets that depend on the smartphone to present games, videos and apps.

VR glasses allow you to answer calls, have a large screen, in addition to various adjustments on the supports and straps for greater comfort of use. In addition, we have buttons to control various functions, in addition to the port jack 3.5 mm for audio.

The highlight goes to the integrated headphones that guarantee a stereo sound experience. In summary, the VR experience with a mobile phone will be great, not worth spending more on this type of virtual reality glasses.

Virtual reality glasses for PC

HTC Vive Cosmos – great price / quality ratio for PC

HTC's Cosmos is available in the Elite and conventional version (image)

Screen: 1400 × 1600 per eye | 120 Hz (144 Hz)

Field of vision: 130 º

Controllers : Yes 2)

Price : from 832 € on Amazon ES

HTC has us Vive Cosmos excellent glasses virtual reality for PC. They are the only modular headset on the market to date. It is possible to increase the number of chambers for screening, making them a future-proof solution.

Top performance is accompanied by ergonomics above average, being the most comfortable in the segment. In addition, if you want to customize them and change the outer camera module, it is possible, but you have to buy the new component.

In summary, if you don't want to spend more than 1000 € for the best sunglasses virtual reality for PC, the HTC Vive Cosmos are a great option, with bold design and focus on versatility. It is also worth mentioning its build quality.

The Vive Cosmos are available with two controllers. Among the minimum requirements we have the Windows OS ; CPU Core i5 – 4590 / FX 8350; 4 GB of RAM; GTX graphics 970 / R9 290, a USB 3.0 port and a DisplayPort.

Valve Index – best virtual reality glasses for PC


Screen: 1400 × 1600 per eye | 120 Hz (144 Hz)

Field of vision: 130 º

Controllers : Yes 2)

Price : Kit from in 1079 € on STEAM

A Valve has one of the best virtual reality glasses for PC, plus a good selection of games for Valve Index . The screen is really sharp and the performance is great, in addition to having a good field of view and high refresh rate.

In addition, Valve controllers can track and track the movement of each finger, making them indispensable accessories for this VR headset for PC. Furthermore, the build quality is excellent, as are the materials.

In summary, these are the best virtual reality glasses for PC, allowing you to play around the house, without limitations. Still, they are still expensive, they are not always available and you will have to buy them through the STEAM store.

Among the minimum requirements for the Valve Index we have the Windows OS The 64 – bits; Dual-core CPU with hyperthreading ; 8 GB of RAM; GTX graphics 970 +, or RX 480; and a USB 3.0 port for VR headset cameras.

Oculus Rift S – good VR alternative for PC


Screen: LCD | 2560 × 1440 p | 80 Hz

Field of vision: 115 º

Controllers : Yes 2)

Price : from 649 € on Amazon ES

Featured at GDC 2019, Oculus Rift S are among the best VR headsets for PC, with powerful hardware and improvements important compared to the original Rift. It is one of the cheapest VR glasses that guarantee an immersive and complete experience.

The headset has lenses fresnel , single screen, LCD, with high pixel density for greater image quality. In addition, it integrates several sensors outside as well as inside, eliminating the need for sensors, or external cameras.

The Rift S features two wireless controllers that complement the virtual reality glasses, expanding the gaming experience. They are one of the best VR kits for PC, with great price / quality ratio, with integrated audio and several games available.

Among the minimum requirements listed by Oculus we have the Windows OS The 64 – bits; CPU Core i3 – 6100, or Ryzen 3 1200; 8 GB of RAM; GTX graphics 1050 Ti, or RX 470; a USB 3.0 port and a DisplayPort.

PS VR – the best virtual reality glasses for PS4

óculos PS4

Screen: OLED | 1920 × 1080 | 120 Hz

Field of vision: 100 º

Controllers : Yes 2)

Price : pack from 359 € on Amazon ES

Sony's PS VR are the best VR glasses you can buy for PS4. They have a large selection of games, relatively affordable, in addition to good performance, comparable to VR headsets for PC. In addition, they are quite durable.

They present a good update rate, without presenting performance or functionality problems. The headset has a very competent head movement tracking system and is available with bundles for games.

For consumers who already have the Sony console and want to try games in virtual reality, this product is an excellent option with good price / quality ratio. We advise kits, or bundles , with games and controls.

Independent virtual reality glasses

Oculus Go – headset standalone cheaper


Screen : LCD | 2560 × 1440 single | 72 Hz

Field of vision: 130 º

Controllers : Yes 1)

Price : from 277 € on Amazon ES

Oculus Go is a relatively inexpensive, independent headset , or standalone. Everything we need is included in this gray “box”, with no PC needed to play or consume other multimedia content with high quality.

Regarding performance, the Go is very comparable to the most expensive models from Oculus, as well as the PC-dependent headsets. It is more compact, the cheapest of the brand, although it is a little heavy on the face and between some light underneath.

It is a cheaper headset, but with the best price / quality for anyone entering this world. It is accompanied by a controller, simpler, but which already improves the immersion and general experience of use.

Oculus Go brings all the necessary accessories in the box, with a relatively simple configuration process

Oculus Quest – best independent VR headset


Screen : OLED | 1600 × 1440 per eye | 72 Hz

Field of vision: 130 º

Controllers : Yes 2)

Price : from 799 € on Amazon ES

The Glasses Quest is a PC independent system, with a more competitive price and with powerful features as the Snapdragon processor 835 from Qualcomm, in addition to 4 GB of RAM, but autonomy for two hours.

The highlight of this VR headset is the fact that it is independent, that is, you do not need to connect it to a PC to play. There are no unnecessary wires or additional Device, with greater freedom of movement thanks to the 6DOF system.

It is available with 30 or 128 GB of internal storage, making it an investment comparable to a top console. In summary, you have here a standalone system with great design, relatively comfortable and with great performance.

Quest brings two controllers with the kit, without needing any more accessories, or complicated configurations.

Attention to games stores and VR content

VR headsets for mobile phones have dedicated apps on the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). Varying between games, simulators and films, you will find an already wide range of contents for these accessories.

Virtual reality glasses for PC must run games specially developed for this format. Among them we highlight the Half-Life Alyx, available on Steam, with new titles coming to different stores and game platforms.

Finally, the devices VR standalone , or independent, will use proprietary content stores, with Oculus being the best brand in this segment . Still, it is always recommended to check the compatibility of the games.

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