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The best games in virtual reality

The best games in virtual reality

Today, the technology of creating electronic games is developing rapidly, and publishers are making their games more sophisticated, impressive, realistic and competitive. In order to survive in the market, you need to have a set of truly unique features and a cool gameplay. However, very often this is not enough.

Over the years, many gamers have been waiting for the game to reach a fundamentally new level, when it will be possible to fully immerse into a new reality, take a real weapon and take the fight, or end up in a real casino or on the sports field as an athlete. Modern technologies already allow this, largely due to the use of virtual reality.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) already at the present stage of technical development is a completely new world, recreated through human sensations. This new reality accurately imitates the human impact on it and its responses. Objects that a person encounters in virtual reality can be perfect copies of real things and have the same qualities. To dive into virtual reality, a user of VR devices just needs to wear a special headset connected to the platform that brings them to the new world. A few years ago, such a journey into a new reality seemed to be an attribute of the future, but now it has become possible.

Many of the world’s largest companies engaged in development in the field of IT, for many years invested in the development of virtual reality. These include Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and others. New platforms and devices have been created that allow you to transfer to virtual reality. One of the first products of VR was, of course, games in which the user can gain a completely new sense of gameplay.

Virtual reality games require you to connect to special platforms using a headset that the player wears. Now VR games are released mainly for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR platforms. However, the world’s largest companies are working on new helmets for virtual reality. Among such companies in particular, Apple, which expects to release a  new device in 2020. This wireless device doesn’t even need to be connected to a smartphone or computer. 
Already, for each of the platforms with support for virtual reality, you can find a lot of games that are worth attention. It is about them that will be discussed.

Gran Turismo Super Realistic Racing

Gran Turismo for decades known as one of the best series of races for consoles. Of course, it would be a big omission for the company to miss the timely access to virtual reality, which is why the developers created Gran Turismo Sport for PlayStation VR. 

The new racing game has become famous as one of the most realistic racers that ever existed on the market – thanks to virtual reality! Version for PlayStation offers players a large number of vehicles and locations, as well as a fundamentally new feeling, which is akin to this race. This game should certainly try every lover of racing.

Resident Evil: Biohazard

Resident Evil Biohazard

Photo by capondesign, Creative Commons CC0

Back in the 1990s, for the Resident Evil series of games, the glory of the cult action for consoles with a unique, frightening and dark world in which the main characters fall is entrenched. The game really has become a legend, and every update causes great interest among fans of the series. 
Now Resident Evil 7: Biohazard opens up virtual reality opportunities for PlayStation VR players.

It is time to open the horrors and dangers of the dark corners of the residences of the mansions and dungeons of the world in a completely new reality. It will be even more terrible adventure in the format of a traditional shooter. Mutated Louisiana family in virtual reality can scare much more than in ordinary games for consoles. The sound is designed to make the game feel even sharper. The game will appeal not only to fans of the Resident Evil series, but also to those who want to experience something completely new from the battles with monsters in the new reality.

Poker Poker by PokerStars

At the end of 2018, virtual reality touched card games as well. Already, the largest poker room,  PokerStars, has  provided its players with the opportunity to put on a set to play in virtual reality and feel in reality the chips of the best casinos in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.

Poker is one of the most popular games, and the number of players in recent decades is growing faster and faster. However, poker had to find something new. Virtual reality poker has just become this innovation that will allow you to refresh your usual game. VR poker will be available to players of the platforms Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Steam. Players will be able to feel at the real poker table, control the game with the help of voice, and also get a lot of new features to integrate the game with social networks and platforms for streams. Already, PokerStars in their rooms is playing headsets for those who want to try poker in virtual reality and experience a completely new experience of this game.

Rock band vr

Rock Band VR is much more than the traditional Guitar Hero game, although their concepts are similar. The release of the game into the open space of virtual reality allowed the players to feel themselves in a rock band much more realistic. Already, this game is available for Oculus Rift owners. 
You will meet with musicians from your group in virtual reality, who will explain to you how you will play. Having learned the basics, you can perform in clubs and concert venues in front of fans who look very realistic. Feeling like a rock star with Rock Band VR is really real!

Games for HTC Vive

Owners of HTC Vive, one of the best helmets for games in virtual reality, should definitely pay attention to Fallout 4 VR, one of the most pathetic games for VR, created to date. The Fallout series does not need to be presented, and with the release of virtual reality, it has reached a new level of realism and will be able to impress anyone! The destruction of monsters and the creation of the world of your dreams, available in virtual reality Fallout 4, can not be missed.

Doom is another iconic and most famous shooter in the world that released its game for virtual reality HTC Vive. Doom VFR will allow you to look straight into the eyes of monsters who are ready to break you at different levels. This game is not just a version of Doom imported into VR, but a completely re-created shooter with a new story and gameplay. Get ready to go to the virtual reality of Mars, where you have to destroy teams of monsters and destroy the research center!

Especially for zombie fans in the virtual reality of the HTC Vive came the Arizona Sunshine. This game has a very big freedom in the world that creates a virtual reality. This world is inhabited by zombies who crave your flesh, and look in a new reality much worse. Arizona Sunshine and the sensations from it are another weighty argument to try VR games.


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