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The Best Accessories For Your iPad Air


The release of iPad Air was quite a significant event not just for Apple, but for the world tech industry, since never before a tablet could be both so functional and good-looking. However, there are hundreds of accessories designed to extend your iPad’s functionality and appearance. See the best iPad accessories and get a new iPad Air on Jiji to experience safe, money-saving and hassle-free shopping.

1. iPad stand

There are so many uses for any iPad stand that you can easily find an application for it at home, in the office, or anywhere in the city. An iPad stand will allow you to enjoy a movie while having your hands free, show a presentation at work, or entertain your kids on a long ride in the car or on the train. There are even soft pillow-like stands that are perfect to use at home.

2. Apple wireless keyboard

One of Apple’s bestselling accessories is a keyboard, and for a good reason: it can be used with every Apple device in your home, including iPad and iPhone, and you can forget the uncomfortable screen keyboard and type with pleasure. A keyboard is an essential accessory if you often use your iPad Air for printing large pieces of text or chatting with friends. It can also become your must-have work accessory.

3. Stylus

While an iPad Air can be successfully used without any stylus at all, unlike many popular tablets, having a stylus gives you much more freedom. A stylus is an especially useful iPad device for users who often use their iPads for drawing or editing photos, but other users can also enjoy using the stylus – for example, while drawing a doodle for their friends on social media or making notes during someone’s speech.

4. Speaker

Everyone knows that an iPad is a very versatile entertainment device, but there is a way to get an even more exciting movie or gaming experience by pairing your iPad Air with a speaker. Bluetooth speakers are the most popular choice, because they allow you to position the speaker wherever you want. Connect your speaker to the device, grab a bowl of your favorite snack, and have a great movie night!

5. Power bank

If you often take your iPad Air with you during the commute to work or out in the city, there is a big chance its battery will run out in the worst possible moment. This is what a power bank is for: this small yet powerful iPad accessory will let you charge your tablet on the go and not lose a single minute of its performance wherever you are.


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