The 8 best record players to buy in 2020


Music can and should be enjoyed in various formats, from digital to analog with support on vinyl. For this, we have selected the best record players you can buy, from the simplest to the advanced ones with good price / quality ratio.

We have chosen good purchase options for those who want to buy a record player in Portugal and enjoy music on vinyl, without necessarily entering the audiophile sector to keep the price lower and the choice simpler.

1. Audio-Technica AT-LP 120 X

Gira-discos em prateado
The Audio-Technica AT-LP 120 X is available in black and silver.

Speeds : 33 / 45 / 78 RPM

Connection : RCA and USB

Extras : preamp

Price : since 229 € in the Amazon.ES

The best record player to buy at 2020 is the AT-LP 120 X by Audio -Technica taking into account the balance between price, features and product quality. Its operation is manual, but it is equipped with all necessary adjustments and connections.

With analog (RCA) and digital (USB) connection, you can convert vinyl records to MP3, turning it on to the Windows or Mac computer. In addition, it has a preamplifier to connect directly to passive speakers and modern amplifiers.

The construction of the Audio-Technica turntable is excellent, with an aluminum plate , cushioned base and direct drive motor, as well as anti-skid adjustments. It has a dust cover, in addition to the AT-VMN capsule / needle 95 E and AT-HS6 head.

2. Audio-Technica AT-LP 60 XUSB

Gira-discos em preto
The AT-LP vinyl record player 60 XUSB is available in black and silver.

Speeds : 33 / 45 RPM

Connection : RCA and USB

Extras : preamplifier

Price : since 118 € on Amazon. ES

O AT-LP 60 XUSB from Audio- Technica is the best inexpensive option for anyone looking for a vinyl record player capable of delivering good quality audio. It also allows the conversion of vinyls into digital files in MP3 format.

The construction is simple, but with damping and reduced resonance for a clearer sound and with less noticeable signal noise. It has a preamp that allows you to connect this turntable to passive speakers and new amplifiers.

Being an entry option, it is the cheapest option that will not disappoint you. It has a dust cover, DC motor with belt drive and aluminum plate. Brings the ATN head 3600 L with replaceable diamond needle / cap.

3. Denon DP – 300 F

Denon DP-300F
The Denon DP turntable – 300 F is available in black.

Speeds : 33 / 45 RPM

Connection : RCA

Extras : preamp

Price : since 309 € on Amazon.ES

The vinyl record player Denon DP – 300 F is automatic, just insert the disc and press the “Start” button. At the end, the arm automatically rises and returns to the resting position. Ease of use is its biggest highlight.

The construction quality is very good, in reinforced aluminum and heavy base to increase stability and reduce vibrations. The design is minimalist, with simple lines, suitable for beginners who want to buy a good modern turntable.

It has belt traction, to absorb possible engine vibrations, being an excellent option in this segment of entrance, closer to the middle range. Includes DSN head – 85, allowing other heads and capsules for further customization.

4. Sony PS-LX 310 BT

Sony PS-LX310BT
The PS-LX vinyl record player 310 BT is available in black.

Speeds : 33 / 45 RPM

Connection : RCA, USB and Bluetooth

Extras : preamplifier

Price : since 229 € on Amazon.ES

The turntable PS-LX 310 Sony’s BT is one of the best to buy today, especially for those looking for an automatic vinyl record player co. Just press the “Start” button to start playback and, at the end, the arm lifts and goes back to rest.

The highlight goes to the Bluetooth connection, in addition to RCA and USB, to pair with Bluetooth speakers, or mobile devices and play music wirelessly. This player has a built-in preamp, with various adjustments for music playback.

It has belt drive, aluminum plate, extremely elegant and modern design, as well as a well-built arm on which, unfortunately , it is not possible to change the head, only the capsule (MM). It is one of the best modern record players.

5. Yamaha MusicCast Vinyl 500

Yamaha MusicCast Vinyl 500
The MusicCast VINYL player 500 is available in black and white.

Speeds : 33 / 45 RPM

Connection: WiFi, Ethernet, AirPlay, Bluetooth and RCA

Extras : preamplifier

Price : since 599 € on Amazon.ES

The Yamaha turntable MusicCast VINYL 500 combines the modern and the classic in an excellent Device, capable of delivering audio and wireless high-fidelity. It can be connected to any MusicCast device and has Wi-Fi connection in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.

The construction is solid, in reinforced aluminum and base with adjustable feet to minimize vibrations. It has belt drive, control of various parameters through the app for mobile devices, straight arm, in addition to the modern and minimalist design.

Full of connectivity, the Yamanha turntable is one of the best to buy for your great convenience. The audio reproduction quality is very good, equipped with a good MM type capsule, exchangeable.

6. Pioneer PLX – 500

Pioneer PLX-500
The Pioneer turntable is available in black and white.

Speeds : 33 / 45 / 78 RPM

Connection : RCA, USB and Bluetooth

Extras : preamp

Price : since 309 € on Amazon.ES

The Pioneer turntable PLX – 500 is suitable for professional mixing use , or to listen to music at home. It has an electronic brake system, motor with direct traction and a solid aluminum construction, such as the plate, for greater stability.

It has a universal S-shaped arm, with several adjustments from the pressure from needle to rotation and reduced Wow and Flutter values ​​(<0, 15% WRMS). It has RCA and USB connection that allows you to connect this reader to your Windows or Mac computer.

It is equipped with a VM capsule, which can be exchanged, such as the included head. This vinyl record player gives the user more manual control and delivers very good quality audio.

7. Thorens TD 190 – 2

gira-discos Thorens TD 190-2
The Thorens turntable is available in black and silver.

Speeds : 33 / 45 RPM

Connection : RCA, USB and Bluetooth

Extras : preamp

Price : since 537 € on Amazon.ES

The Torens vinyl player TD 190-2 is indicated for those who want to buy a record player already close to the audiophile sector. The brand’s reputation is excellent, with this product being an entry option to a truly premium market .

It is an automatic turntable, with direct traction and anti-skid adjustments among other hits. The highlight still goes to your plate of 12 ” in aluminum with 0.7 kg, non-magnetic, for greater stability and less resonance.

Among the range of turntables of Thorens this model stands out for the price / quality ratio, in addition to the classic design. For those who want to buy a more advanced vinyl player, this is our suggestion with minimalist design.

8. Planar 1 Plus irrigation

Gira-discos Rega Planar 1 Plus em branco
The Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable is available in black and white.

Speeds : 33 / 45 RPM

Connection: RCA

Extras : preamplifier

Price : since 389 € on Amazon.ES

The turntable Planar 1 Plus by Rega is the cheapest, most up-to-date entry option with integrated phono pre-amp, in addition to a synchronous 24 V, low noise for a cleaner sound. It brings a straight arm, adjusted and calibrated at the factory.

Among the various offers on the market, Planar stands out not only for the construction quality of its turntables, but also for the minimalism of its design. For those looking for a simple to use vinyl player, we recommend this Planar 1 Plus.

It has a direct drive motor, high precision construction and Rega Carbon cartridge, with good weight for greater stability and less resonance. The price / quality ratio of this turntable is really excellent.

The 5-point vinyl guide

Kit de limpeza de vinil

1. Avoids turns -portable discs, especially in the shape of a suitcase. There are several brands with these models, but not only is the audio quality poor, but you can still damage your vinyl records due to bad needles with a lot of pressure on the disc.

2. The turntable is only part of the equation. Depending on the budget and quality requirement, invest in a good amplifier and speakers to maximize the potential of each element. Quality will vary depending on the performance of each component.

3. The quality of the cartridge / needle, as well as the head module, will have a major impact on the quality of music reproduction on vinyl. At all times, on good turntables, you can change these components and customize the sound signature.

4 . Vinyl records, like the cartridge “needle”, are components subject to wear and degradation. It is important to calibrate the turntable well before using it to obtain the best results and, periodically, you must change the cartridges.

5 . Store your vinyl records vertically, under penalty of deformation when they are horizontal for long periods. In addition, invest in a cleaning kit and, before each reproduction, try to remove dust and static electricity.

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