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The 7 best cheap and good drones to buy in 2020

Cheap drones are great for beginners in the hobby and here we bring together the best ones to buy based on the cost / benefit ratio in Portugal. If you are looking for a cheap camera drone, or a mini drone for acrobatics, this is our selection.

Articles from the best drone brands like DJI and Parrot, or Xiaomi. The list highlights the autonomy, range of action, highlights and price in Portugal. Find out where to buy in Portugal and some essential considerations.

1. Mambo Fly by Parrot – The best cheap drone in 2020


Autonomy: 9 minutes
Maximum altitude : up to 25 m or 100 m with Parrot Flypad
Photography : yes
Video: not
Weight: 63 grams
Price : from 108$  on Amazon

With a good quality/price ratio, the Mambo Fly by Parrot is fun, easy to drive and one of the best drones for beginners. It is robust, stable, with three pilot modes, and can be extended.

The Mambo Fly was designed to be the best drone for beginners, equipped with a vertical camera that allows the capture of photos group. It is one of the cheapest drones in Worten and other stores in Portugal, and above all it is a good toy.

It is the perfect drone for a child, or for anyone looking for a cheap mini drone to start piloting and start the hobby, also standing out for the intuitive control application for the Android and iOS mobile phone.

2. Ryze Tello from DJI – best good and cheap camera drone

Ryze Tello is a great drone to play with, cheap and easy to use.

Autonomy : 10 minutes
Maximum altitude : up to 100 m
Photography: 5 MP
Video : HD 720 pa 30 fps
Weight: 80 grams
Pre o : from 99$ on Amazon

Ryze Tello is one of DJI’s cheapest drones, a reference brand in the sector, and is also our recommendation for anyone who wants to capture casual video, in addition to learning how to navigate and do acrobatics. This mini drone is suitable for children and adults.

Great for acrobatics and easy to fly, the DJI mini drone can lift from your hand, and land just as easily. It has several modes of image and video capture through the application, in addition to electronic image stabilization.

It has several protection mechanisms and when the battery reaches a low level the drone automatically lands. It is perfect for those who want to buy a mini drone capable of capturing good times and still be cheap, customizable and durable.

Mi Drone Mini from Xiaomi – the best drone to play on 2020

The Mi Drone Mini can be purchased in Portugal in the Mi Store

Autonomy : 10 minutes
Maximum altitude : up to 25 m
Photography: 1.9 MP
Video : HD 720 pa 30 fps
Weight: 86 grams
Price: from 65$ Gearbest

Also known as Fimi Mi or Xiaomi MITU , this cheap mini drone is one of the best for beginners considering its ease of control and of course , the price. It can be purchased at Mi Stores around the country, among other surfaces.

It is very light and you can buy replacement accessories at Xiaomi stores, such as propellers and other elements that go away wearing out with use. Even so, this mini drone is robust for its size and very durable.

It allows you to record video in HD, in addition to taking photographs. Control is done via your Android or iOS phone, with a dedicated application and even a “battle mode”. As a toy, this mini drone is a safe option.

4. Xiaomi’s FIMI A3: the best drone for beginners

The FIMI A3 is a cheap drone with a great price / quality ratio.

Autonomy : 14 minutes
Maximum altitude : up to 500 m
Photography : 8 MP
Video : Full-HD 1080 pa 30 fps
Weight: 560 grams
Price : from in 59$  on Amazon

O FIMI A3 is one of the best camera drones, being good and cheap, suitable for some more serious productions , being our recommendation to anyone who can invest a little more. It is not a drone for children, but it remains relatively cheap.

It is important to note that FIMI is one of the Xiaomi brands, specializing in drones. The product can be purchased through online stores or on conventional surfaces such as FNAC, or Worten in Portugal. There are already several accessories in the box.

We also point out the mechanical stabilization of 2 axes and electronics in 3 axes for a very smooth and higher quality video capture. It has a dedicated app for drone control, with several flight modes and convenient automations.

5. Xiaomi’s FIMI X8 SE: the best in quality / price

The FIMI X8 SE is a more advanced drone with a competitive price.

Autonomy : 25 minutes
Maximum altitude : up to 500 m
Photography : 12 MP
Video : Ultra-HD 4K a 13 fps
Weight: 790 grams
Price: from 439 € on Amazon ES

The FIMI X8 SE is amazing in its price / quality ratio, besides being one of the best camera drones in 2020, fit for more serious work and professional productions. It provides more than half an hour of flight and has several safety mechanisms.

The drone can be transported easily thanks to its compact design and has mechanical image stabilization in 3 axes thanks to its gimbal . In the maximum configuration we can capture 4K video with a bitrate of 100 Mb / s with excellent detail.

Features a maximum range of 5 km with image transfer , various flight modes and intelligent image capture, in addition to the GPS system for locating the drone, a useful tool especially when we lose sight of it.

6. PARROT Bebop 2: the best cheap drones for acrobatics

Parrot’s BeBop 2 is a versatile drone, great for fun.

Autonomy : 14 minutes
Maximum altitude : up to 120 m
Photography: 14 MP
Video : Full -HD a 30 fps
Weight: 500 grams
Price : from 389 € on Amazon.ES

O Bebop 2 is one of the drones at the best prices, being cheap and good at 2020, especially for beginners in this area, already with great discounts applied and manages to give us good footage and acrobatics.

The great highlight is its aerodynamics and compact and robust construction, with good autonomy for free flights, acrobatics or capturing video and images with great performance. It is very stable and easy to drive, even for beginners.

You can use your tablet or mobile phone as a remote control, also seeing the live image on the screen. Take advantage of automatic return to base modes, flight patterns and several useful modes for capturing video.

7. DJI MAVIC MINI: Professional camera drone

DJI’s Mavic Mini is one of the easiest drones to control by phone.

Autonomy: 30 minutes
Maximum altitude : up to 3000 m
Photography : 12 MP
Video : Full-HD up to 60 fps
Weight: 249 grams
Price : from 399$ on Amazon

The weight of 249 grams is the main purchasing factor in Portugal as it categorizes it as a “toy” and is exempt from most of the legal obligations imposed by ANAC. In addition, it is an almost professional quality camera drone.

DJI produces some of the best drones for beginners, with the Mavic Mini being a good buy. It responds to the needs of amateurs and enthusiasts who are now taking the first steps with this type of content production products.

It brings several of the “Pro” modes of professional drones, included here in application of the Mavic Mini. It is a good drone, sinning only for the price that is not exactly cheap, but if you buy it you will love its photo and video capabilities!

Before buying a drone you have this in consideration:

  • The use of drones (unmanned aircraft) in the national airspace is subject to rules (legal rules) and inspection. Don’t be scared, you can find the entire “Drone Code” on the website of ANAC, the national civil aviation authority.
  • Avoid flying in areas over people (concentration), even if you have requested prior authorization from the competent authorities.
  • Also choose to use the drone with good weather conditions, paying special attention to the wind.
  • Buying a used drone is risky since this Device has several components susceptible to wear and which can eventually compromise its performance.

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