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The 3 Top Alternative to Prisma And Why You Might Need Them

Prisma is the new trending Photo app I believe many of your friends on  Facebook, Twitter, google + and Instagram have used this Prisma app to beautify their Pictures and I think you liked those pictures if you have not installed the app on your device believe me you are missing out download Prisma  now. The app has made a good name for itself in a short span of time. it uses mathematical algorithms to turn photos into artwork. Today we are to be showing the 3 Top Alternatives to Prisma and why you need them

1. Photo Lab Picture Editor FX

The first on our list is Photo Lab Picture Editor FX  this app is great in it own unique way, this photo editor gives you a lot of different filters to choose from like Prisma and even has more filter than Prisma. Some of these effects that you can try are Street Graffiti, Paintings, Oil Paintings, etc. You get ads while filters are applied in the free version.
Photo Lab Picture Editor FX Photo Lab Picture Editor FX
You can select artistic effects from the sidebar to show only the relevant filters. Photo Lab Picture Editor FX too has limitations on the free version. When it comes to filters and processing resolution, you will have to buy the pro version to get all the amazing filters and an ad-free experience. The pro version costs $2.99 and gives you a plethora of apps to choose from.

2. SuperPhoto – Effects & Filters

Special artistic effects I will give that to SuperPhoto, this app has over 270 free filters in the free version and over 1300 filters in Paid Version. On the homepage you will get all the filters you can apply, it  easy to use.When you select a filter, all you need to do is share the photos from the gallery to the app and let the app do it work. Resource are downloaded from the server for the first time of usage after that all filters can be used and applied locally.
SuperPhoto – Effects & Filters The 3 Top Alternative to Prisma
What’s even better is you can control options like sharpness, saturation, brightness and much more along with the intensity of the filters. However, the app saves the photos in low resolution when in the free version but an upgrade to pro version for $2.99 will unlock in-depth customization and HD resolution saving.

3. PicsArt

The last app that you can try is PicsArt which is a full-fledged photo editing app with a lot of features and effects. We have already covered PicsArt while talking about color splashes effects, and today again we have it listed in the artistic effects. The app is a bit complicated to understand and if you want to apply effects to photos that you have already shot, you need to select the Edit option from the home page.
The 3 Top Alternative to Prisma And Why You Might Need Them 3. PicsArt
Here, tap on Effects with the Fx sign on it and choose Artistic effects from the list. You will then get a lot of options to choose from and all the effects are applied instantly. You can then save the photos easily to the gallery or share with other social media like Facebook or Instagram.
These are some the photo editor you can install on your Android and use to get some amazing effects on your photos without waiting for server load and wasting your cellular data. Feel free to use these alternatives and do mention any other app you feel is worth using.


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