AnTuTu unveils the 10 most powerful Android smartphones in August

AnTuTu, one of the most famous test applications and benchmarks of today. Summarizing the “power” of each Android smartphone to the numerical result of its performance in the test cycle, we have thus another indicator at our disposal.

Through the AnTuTu database, thousands of equipment pass monthly and as such, it is always possible to compare the score of each of them. Well, first of all, we can now see the 10 most powerful Android smartphones on the market during the month of August.

Second, the list uses the average scores of each of the Android smartphones present here. Based on this value then monthly compiles the list with the 10 most powerful and “desirable” of the moment.

It should also be noted that AnTuTu (and its tests) pass smartphone of all brands as well as of all ranges. Not only the Android flagships but also the most economical devices. We even have smartphones that have not yet been presented, being previously submitted to the scrutiny of AnTuTu.

AnTuTu shows us the 10 most powerful Android smartphones

Therefore this platform has been growing in relevance to consumers as one of the ways to compare the various devices. It is a synthetic indicator and does not necessarily translate device performance into real life. However, it gives us a number that can be easily compared to the other device tested. It is in this light that the following scores and consequently the Top 10 should be interpreted. That said, we have the latest 10 most powerful Android smartphones list shared by the Chinese test company – for the month of August 2018.

AnTuTu unveils the 10 most powerful Android smartphones in August

Analyzing the table with the most powerful Android smartphones of the moment we have here a clear hegemony of the Chinese equipment. In first place continues the Xiaomi Black Shark, the device dedicated to the world of games, having obtained 292887 points.

Snapdragon 845 shows us the power of Qualcomm

Note that this Android smartphone uses the processor or mobile platform Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm, its most powerful SoC today. Similarly, most of these devices use the same exact processor.

In the second place, we have the Meizu R16 smartphone with a total of 291025 points. Soon after we have the R1 Smartisan Nut in third (3rd), thus closing the podium of the most powerful Android smartphones in August 2018.

Looking at the remaining list we have several very recent models. From the moment we can see Vivo NEX in the fourth (4th) place with 286 286 points. Soon after we have the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition with a total of 286 268 points in fifth (5th) place.

Following the list, we find another Android smartphone of Chinese origin, OPPO Find X in sixth (6th) place with a total of 285 344 points. Soon after we have the OnePlus 6, now in seventh (7th) place with 284 470 points.

Chinese hegemony interrupted only by Samsung Galaxy Note 9

It is difficult to find an Android smartphone in this list of AnTuTu that is not of Chinese origin. Indeed, in this Top 10 we only have the exception of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in eighth (8th) place with a total of 282 958 points.

Closing the list we have two more Android smartphones of Chinese origin, more concretely manufactured by Xiaomi. In ninth (9th place) we have the Xiaomi Mi 8 with a total of 272527 points.

Finally, in tenth (10th) place, we have the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S with a total of 265 256 points. Therefore note the growing importance of Chinese manufacturers in what has done best in this market of mobile devices.


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