The 10 Most Popular and Unsafe Password’s of 2018

The 10 Most Popular and Unsafe Password's of 2018

The security of our information and even our devices depends, in large part, on the care we give to your protection. Something that in the first stage passes through the definition of a simple password or password.

However, security breaches continue to emerge with cyber crime being one of the most recurring themes on the current agenda. In this sense we can see the recent security scandal that has affected the social network Facebook.

Well, first of all, not only do many companies overlook this point as well as the average user. Two sides of the same coin, neglecting something as basic and simple as applying a password or password.

We continue to use extremely predictable passwords like “password” or “123456”.

When this simple, basic line of protection fails, we expose virtually all financial information and details. Whatever may be of interest to less honest or ill-intentioned minds. In short, sometimes the most effective hacking method is to guess the type of password or password used.

Especially in our smartphones or computers, devices that we access daily countless times. There, the temptation to put a symbolic password is particularly noticeable as SplashData tells us.

Secondly, for the fifth consecutive year the most commonly used password worldwide was “123456”. Secondly we have another classic of inefficiency, the “password”. Yes, that’s right … see and follow the 10 most popular choices during the year 2018.

Avoid using a password that is too predictable

Thirdly we can see that certain tendencies last. Sometimes for the simple reason that they are easy to memorize or easy to write. However, remember that they are also the easiest words to guess …

The Top 10 of 2018:

  •  123456
  •  password
  •  123456789
  •  12345678
  •  12345
  •  111111
  • 1234567
  •  sunshine
  •  qwerty
  • iloveyou

In short, as tempting and easy to memorize as these alternatives are, avoid facilitating the task to any and all meli ..

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