Thank you WhatsApp! New solution to give you silence in the most boring groups!


WhatsApp is constantly evolving. We can consider that the application still takes some time to give us updates that, theoretically, are simple. An example of this was the implementation of Dark Mode.

This new solution arrives to give you peace and quiet in the most boring WhatsApp groups. Until now, you only had the possibility to silence the groups for 8 hours, a week and a year. Well, the new update changes that.

Silences a WhatsApp group forever

WhatsApp novidade grupos

The new functionality that is already implemented in the Beta version, it gives you the opportunity to turn off that group’s notifications forever.

Therefore, WhatsApp removed the “1 year” feature to give us “always”. It goes without saying that whoever silences a WhatsApp group for a year, it doesn’t seem to me that a year later they want to activate it. Still, it was the first choice by the team of application developers when they decided to implement the possibility to silence groups.

When will the news come to your WhatsApp

Obrigado WhatsApp! Nova solução para te dar silêncio nos grupos mais chatos!

There is still no information on when WhatsApp will bring the news to all users. As I mentioned, Beta users can already test the novelty, however, nothing was indicated for most users of the application.

Still, with rare exceptions, WhatsApp does not usually take long to bring new ones. features that are already implemented in the Beta version. That way, if all goes well, it’s a matter of weeks before you get the functionality on your smartphone.

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