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Tesla is in trouble! Tesla Model 3 paint can’t handle cold winters!

At a time when they are trying to recover from all the damage caused by the COVID pandemic – 19, Tesla he is in trouble again and sees the quality of the Tesla Model 3 being called into question. One of its customers in Canada initiated a process based on problems with the Model 3 painting.

Jean-François Bellerose has already started the process and is now trying to find more Tesla users who faced the same problems. As Bellerose mentions in the process, his Tesla Model 3 did not survive even a winter, already presenting major paint problems in the lower area.

Tesla Model 3 pintura

Obviously, after noticing the damage in his Tesla, Bellerose went to Tesla to proceed with the arrangement, since the car is not even a year old. However, the manufacturer refused to activate the warranty and in an unofficial workshop, he was presented with a budget greater than 4, 000 euros for the arrangement.

Tesla Model 3 presents major problems when facing severe winters

Apparently, the big problem with the Tesla Model 3's painting is not facing very low temperatures. In countries with very harsh winters, the use of salt and sand on the roads to prevent accumulation of snow and ice is common practice.

These are the two components responsible for the paint degradation on the Tesla car. Many users have already tried to use products to protect their car paint, or even install “fenders”, but it only serves to delay problems.

Tesla itself has already recognized this fragility of the Tesla Model 3, having offered the “ All-Weater Protection Kit ” to all its customers in colder areas.

Jean-François is trying to find the maximum number of customers who are having the same problems and, in his process asks Tesla to pay the difference in the value of the new car and estimate after the painting problems . In addition, it obviously asks that your Tesla Model 3 be repaired free of charge and an extra 500 for each affected user.

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