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Tesla – Elon Musk to reduce 9% of company’s Human Capital

Tesla - Elon Musk to reduce 9% of company's Human Capital

Tesla is a company that everyone knows. One of the most innovative in the automotive industry, the American giant has not had very easy days.

Now, after Elon Musk and his team set some goals for 2018, they quickly realized that their reach could be more difficult than they had hoped. And then the problems began.

Once presented, the most irreverent Model 3 should have a weekly production level of 5000 units, but the company can not conceive about 3000 during that period.

Additionally, in some interviews, it was possible to see the discouragement of Elon Musk and everything that could happen in Tesla meanwhile. On the basis of that, the company announced that some 3,000 workers, or 9% of its human capital, will be dismissed.

Elon Musk’s Tesla still has a lot to grow!

However, these 9% do not fit people related to the company’s production process, but to other departments, in which Elon Musk and the other direction think to be beneficial to the same.

How so restricted? Well, “Mode S” only allows users to install applications from the Microsoft Store. That is, there is no way to install Chrome, for example. Or rather, there is, but it is not worth discussing this now.

The real question is this: So far, anyone who has a  Windows 10 S machine could choose to switch it to common software. However, from now on, it seems that the opposite will also be possible.

That is, for whatever reason, a given user may restrict your device in such a way that you will see your battery expand slightly and ensure its safety.



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