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Tesla declines warranty on a modified Model 3 for walking in the snow

It was not long ago that the video of a Tesla Model 3 with the rear axle modified for better grip on snow appeared on the internet. In this case, the owner replaced the rear wheels of the car with a kind of track designed to walk in the snow.

Now, the owner of this modified Tesla Model 3 has come to social media to complain that the American company has refused to provide warranty on his car. A predictable outcome, considering that it was not a matter of putting on some neon lights or lowering the car.

Modifications to the Model 3 earned a broken rear axle

Not being left behind for the refusal of the warranty, Tesla still “fined” the driver $ 4500 for damages to the engine of its Model 3. In other words, it is not enough to have to pay out of pocket for the car, as well as having to “compensate” “Tesla for its behavior.

The vehicle was sent to Tesla for assistance after the car’s rear axle broke and the control unit was still damaged. Damage that, according to the plaintiff, was not due to its misuse, but because the car is “fragile”.

This supports its claim in the fact that it has already applied similar modifications to other vehicles, without damage of the kind. It is worth noting that this Model 3 was only in its possession for three months.

It is curious to note that this driver blocked his Twitter account after the case gained media impact. But as we always say, once on the internet, forever on the internet.

In the video showing this modification to the world, it is easy to see that the Model 3 was not designed for modifications like this. At the beginning of the video, a noise on the axis is documented, which foresaw that this joke would end badly.

This case should serve as an example for everyone who might have crazy ideas for their cars. Remember that these profound modifications can seriously damage the vehicle and it is no wonder that Tesla has declined the warranty.

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