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Tesla Cyberquad makes an appearance at an event and leaves fans dreaming!

Since the day of Tesla Cybertruck’s presentation, fans of the company have continued to dream of the quad bike revealed “in a hurry” by Elon Musk. In this event, they used the bike only to demonstrate the cargo dimensions of the pickup , without revealing any details about the Cyberquad.

Despite Musk having confirmed that it would be an option for those who bought their first van, no further official details have been revealed since then. Now, during the event Battery Day , Tesla Cyberquad was present and ended up winning the attention of all those present.

Tesla Cyberquad

Unfortunately, he didn’t be a topic of conversation, but at least this time it was possible to take detailed photographs of its entire design.

Tesla Cyberquad will have a monster performance that can it’s even dangerous!

Tesla’s first quad bike remains shrouded in mystery, with no official information on its construction or performance level revealed. However, several details have already been discovered that allowed us to know various information about its capabilities.

Moto-quatro elétrica

In fact, the YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds really decided to create its own Tesla Cyberquad and the final result impressed everyone and everything. Knowing that Tesla used the popular Yamaha Raptor to create the Cyberquad, the youtuber ended up doing the same.

Using a Yamaha Raptor and converting its mechanics to an electric motor ( identical to that used by Tesla), managed to obtain an almost perfect replica of Cyberquad. The big surprises came when they started performing performance tests, achieving unthinkable results.

Tesla moto-quatro elétrica

In one of the tests, they managed to reach speeds higher than 160 kilometers per hour, which is unthinkable for a commercial quad bike. Regarding their acceleration, they achieved a time of 3.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h.

From what we can see in the photos, it does not seem that Tesla has made major changes to the bike, and it is expected that a future final model will arrive with several exclusive technologies of the brand, making Tesla Cyberquad even more special.

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