Telltale Games is sued by dismissed employee

Telltale Games is sued by dismissed employee

A former employee has filed a class action lawsuit against Telltale Games, which has announced it will close the doors last Friday, firing almost all of its employees in the suit.

Vernie Roberts filed the suit on his behalf and the other employees who were unexpectedly dismissed by the game maker on the 21st, accusing Telltale of not justifying the reasons for the decision and giving no prior notice to the workers, which would be a violation of the law known as the WARN Act.

The WARN Act (the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, or notification of Adjustment and Retraining Labor, in free translation) stipulates that companies with over 100 employees must notify them at least 60 days in the case of closure or mass layoffs.

In the suit, the allegation is that Telltale’s 275 employees – both those who were dismissed immediately and those still working to close the company’s last pending cases – received no warning, and did not receive any kind of financial compensation on the part of Telltale. the company.

The lawsuit asks for salaries and benefits equivalent to the 60 days’ notice stipulated by the WARN Act that Telltale has not complied with, in addition to interest.

Telltale Games did not comment on the case. On Monday night (24), the company even posted on social networks that are looking for ways to finish the latest episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which prompted many to criticize the company’s priorities.

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