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Telegram: Message exchange application is no longer so secure

Telegram Message exchange application is no longer so secure

Telegram, like WhatsApp, is one of the most used messaging services on the planet. Whether it’s for Android or iOS, the app has taken a burst of smartphones from around the world.

But things got more complicated after the last decision of the Russian government. These decisions will seriously damage the company’s private name and information. Like other messaging services for mobile platforms, the Telegram is also encrypted.

This means that, in theory, the exchange of messages between users is safe. Hackers have a harder time getting access to encrypted content since unlocking requires immense time and money.

This is clear if you do not have the decryption key, something that the Russian government will have in the near future. It is no longer the first time that Vladimir Putin’s government asks for the decryption key, but this time it got by the decision of the supreme court.

The Telegram app has millions of downloads for Android and iOS

This decision may not affect the average user, however, we have to take into account that a decryption key on the loose in the Russian government is not properly an advantage.

Putin’s government says it will serve to prevent terrorist attacks against the country, but we all know that it can go further. From the next few weeks, a government will have full knowledge of everything that goes on among the users of the application.

The lawyer for the Telegram application said that this measure is far from being the most acceptable. He explained the situation in the following case: “It’s the same as having the password for your email, not the control, but I have the possibility to do so.”

One of the solutions that the Telegram team has in keeping user information safe will be to leave the country and open a new Headquarters in another country, but how far will it do it?


  1. It’s really annoying! Sad 😔! News, they should find solutions to the something.. Wish them best of luck.

  2. I pray they should quickly resolve the issue for making it like this, so that it shouldn’t cause slack to their market


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