Home NEWS Teenager invades Apple systems and steals private files

Teenager invades Apple systems and steals private files

Teenager invades Apple systems and steals private files

A 16-year-old Australian teenager has hacked into Apple’s internal system several times and stole 90 GB of private files after accessing user accounts, the Australian newspaper The Age reported.

On a number of occasions, over a period of at least a year, the young student managed to infiltrate Apple systems and steal highly secure access keys that allowed him to enter user accounts.

According to the defense lawyer of the attacker, the student became known in the “international hacking community” to the point that talking about the details of the case could pose a risk to the young man’s safety.

The teenager, whose name can not be publicly disclosed because of his age, pleaded guilty to charges before a juvenile court in Australia last Tuesday. The verdict will not be released until September 20.

According to what little is known about the case, the young man used the use of VPNs and other tools to avoid being identified, but did not escape.

After learning of the security breach, Apple blocked access and contacted the FBI, which forwarded the case to the Australian Federal Police. At the teen’s home, police found files on a computer and “instructions” in a folder the teenager called a hacky hack hack.

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According to a bailiff, two Apple computers were confiscated, the serial numbers of which correspond to those of the device with which the young man invaded the company’s systems. In addition, the court also confiscated a mobile phone and a hard disk.

It is not entirely clear what kind of data the teenager was able to steal, how it all happened, and above all because it took a year to detect the illicit activities.

According to Reuters, Apple ensured that the invasion did not compromise any personally identifiable information of its users. “We want to assure our users that during the incident, their information was not compromised,” a company spokesman said.


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