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Huawei receives good news! US are willing to ease sanctions


Currently, Huawei is in an ungrateful position due to the various sanctions imposed by Donald Trump. The American president signed an executive order that prevented the Chinese even from accessing its own Kirin processors. Still, the last few days have brought good news to Huawei and today we have another …

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Huawei launches a copy of Google Maps for its smartphones


Huawei officially launched Petal Maps. An authentic copy of the Google Maps design for its users who bought the brand new Device without Google services. It is worth remembering that the new smartphones sold by Huawei do not offer installed Google services. That is, Play Store, YouTube, Gmail or Google …

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Huawei Mate 30E Pro is official. This may give rise to talk


Huawei revealed Huawei Mate yesterday 40. However, the Asian company did not stop there and also presented a new smartphone in the range 30. That is, with the same design as the predecessor. Usually these “E” models are intended for a different market segment. Made for those customers who don’t …

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