Home NEWS TAG Heuer launches the world’s most expensive Android Wear smartwach

TAG Heuer launches the world’s most expensive Android Wear smartwach

TAG Heuer launches the world's most expensive Android Wear smartwach

TAG Heuer, a brand well known for its high watch products. This brand has been presenting new devices, new smartwatches or smartwatch in Geneva. One of your latest products has just been introduced. Diamond-studded and white-gold-plated, this new version of its “Modular 45” uses the Android Wear platform.

It is, without a doubt, the most expensive smartwatch or smartwatch in the world. A product of ostentation that elevates the Android Wear system to a whole new price range. Costing 190,000 Swiss francs or about 200,000 dollars, this is a real luxury item.

TAG Heuer’s new smartwatch belongs to its line of modular devices, the line “Modular 45” in which the user can change the centrepiece. You can opt for a smartwatch or a conventional mechanical watch. Now, we get to know this new model or special edition. It’s called “Full Diamond” and that’s exactly it.

TAG Heuer Smartwatch Android Wear is the most expensive in the world

With a total of 589 diamonds scattered across the entire outer surface of the device. From the bracelet to the watch rim. Making a total of 23.35 carats will be a watch of pure ostentation. Very bright. Their only fault will be the spaces between these diamonds. Space that will be coated with 18K white gold. Poor thing, therefore (jokingly).


Details of the new Swiss watch.

This new model with Android Wear will make use of all the benefits of this platform, or at least the main ones. However, I do not think there are so many consumers eager to spend a small fortune on a smartwatch. A clock that will eventually become obsolete as soon as your hardware does not support new updates.

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Fortunately, TAG Heuer thought about it and included a classic, mechanical, time-tested clock as a gift. This so that you always give the time. Even when the digital has become obsolete.

And would you spend a small fortune on a smartwatch or would you opt for a conventional, mechanical model? Leave us your feedback below in the comments.


  1. I can’t spend a lot of my penny on a SmartWatch that won’t take me anywhere… Ahh.. It’s nice! But it’s so expensive.

  2. The sincerely truth is that, the watch is really fashioned well and the colour is wow. Very good.. But I can’t go for this machine. Thanks


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