Home NEWS Symantec acquires Luminate Security to increase cyber defense

Symantec acquires Luminate Security to increase cyber defense

Symantec acquires Luminate Security to increase cyber defense

Luminate Security was acquired by cybersecurity company Symantec. The goal is to use Luminate Security’s key technologies, such as Secure Access Cloud, to increase the strength of the platform in terms of cyber defence integrated with its users, especially for cloud services.

That’s because Luminate Security is known to be the pioneer of Software Defined Perimeter technology, but cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, always challenging developers to move beyond perimeter-based approaches architectures, and often focus on the cloud.

However, with the cloud-based, perimeter-less Luminate Security Secure Access Cloud, enterprises can privately and non-DNS “escalate access control,” allowing users to connect and use specific applications or resources, and authorized.

“Secure and private access is the pillar of cyber defense. We are excited to join the Luminate team and look forward to rapidly delivering this unique feature to our customers while continuing to deliver great value to their journey in the cloud, “said Greg Clark, Symantec’s president and CEO.

The promise is that enterprises and users can access their applications without error, whether in the cloud or locally, but with protected access. Using Luminate Security technology, however, Symantec aims to unify cloud and on-premises security “at endpoints, networks, email and cloud,” protecting devices from a variety of threats without cost or complexity.

And while applications continue to migrate to the cloud and IT companies always need new ways to overcome security-related challenges, “Luminate Security’s cloud-based, agentless service promises to address these issues, as well as add a powerful resource software perimeter to Symantec’s integrated cyber defense platform, “said Art Gilliland, executive vice president and general manager, Enterprise Products at Symantec.

Symantec also said in an official statement that the acquisition of Luminate Security is part of the strategy to “acquire and build the best portfolio security solution, with a focus on cloud-based innovation for the cloud.” In the Symantec acquisitions catalog are also Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and web insulation, also focused on the cloud.


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