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Supermoji: Animoji of iPhone X on Android

Supermoji is the Android application that promises to bring the Animoji from iPhone X to your Android. the application tries to give the same magic of the Apple characters, however, the quality is far from matching. (video below)

The Animoji are simply unnecessary, but after having the iPhone X I lost count of the times I had fun sending these types of messages in a slightly different format.

Only the iPhone X is that has the ability to do Animoji, incidentally, almost every iPhone has this capability, however, Apple has left the feature exclusive to the new high-end devices.

Animoji on Android still not as perfect as on iPhone X 

Although Apple has stated that the Animoji use the new 3D sensor for facial recognition, we can see that it is the camera that does the most work,

A few weeks ago a different number of apps has been on the Google Play Store trying to mask from Animojis to reach other means, this application, although not included in this situation, is far from having an acceptable quality.

How to convert Animoji to GIF

it’s possible that if your Android smartphone has a quality front camera that delivers better results than the video below (Mi 5X), however, do not expect it to be as real and fluid as the Apple Animoji.


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The new iPhone X is much more than an Animoji’s machine,

Supermoji Apk

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  2. Wow this is cool.. Now Android users can enjoy Animoji..
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