Home NEWS Super Mario clerk joins Guinness Book of Records

Super Mario clerk joins Guinness Book of Records

Super Mario clerk joins Guinness Book of Records

The Super Smash Bros. fighting game. Ultimate celebrates several series and characters in the world of games, but for the voice actor Charles Martinet the game has an even more special taste.

This is the hundredth game in which the actor makes the voice of the hero Super Mario, granting him a place in the Guinness Book of Records, for the greatest number of times someone has made the voice of the same character in video games.

Martinet celebrated the video achievement published in his account on Instagram.

One of the most recognized voices in the gaming world, Martinet started giving voice to Nintendo’s mascot in 1990, initially on displays shown at trade shows.

In the video games, Martinet first credited himself as the Italian plumber in the PC game Mario FUNdamentals, but only achieved greater fame in the 1996 classic Super Mario.

Since then, Martinet has become fully associated with the character. Not only that, the voice actor is also responsible for the voices of Baby Mario, Luigi, Baby Luigi, Wario and Waluigi in over 100 Nintendo games.


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